P2 card viewer for mac

Able to add, change and delete metadata registered in P2 contents and the data base by the simple method.


Mac OS X Japanese, English,Chinese. No utility to fix this issue is available as of September 15, This issue does not in any way corrupt data related to the clips or the program itself. If the contents which are searched exceed the setting number of display, it is not possible to display them. Please change the setting number when you want to make more contents displayed. However, when the setting number is increased, it takes time to update displaying.

  • implementation of the b mac protocol for wsn in mixim.
  • P2 Viewer Plus Ver.2.3.
  • Software Downloads?

Default setting is The categorized contents cannot be searched. Searched contents at search mode can be refined by search refinement.

Information Overdrive: Panasonic P2 Workflow

All clips on to the P2 cards can be copied to a storing medium such as an HDD. A maximum of 10 P2 cards can be specified as copy sources, and a maximum of 10 destinations can be specified as copy destinations, making a total of registered tasks, which are processed in order in the background.

During ingesting, the files can be automatically verified individually for secure copying. During ingesting, individual log files can be automatically created as a processing record. The created logs are stored for a designated period, and can be searched by customizing conditions. Installation Guide "Read before use" 3.

How to determine if your Panasonic drivers are actually working

Software License Agreement. To continue using the Ingesting function after the trial period, you can purchase a key code to activate it. Head on this page.