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Among these apps, we find the most interesting and free are Dropbox and Google Drive. With these apps, you can synchronize your photos and automatically find them on your PC or Mac. To make this happen, you need to download and install the app on your Nokia Lumia through the PlayStore. Now that you have installed the app, you must make or sign in with your account. You can then select the timings of the photos and screenshots of Nokia Lumia by going to the options. Once the synchronization is turned on, you will have to download and install the same software on your PC or Mac.

When this step is finished, you will have a folder on your PC or Mac where you can find all the images that have been synchronized automatically.

Nokia Lumia 920 (windows phone) transfer files to Mac?

This is a process that is really convenient as the transfer of photos is carried out as you take them. Search for: To start the journey with Opera. Run the downloaded file and perform installation. View full description.

Watch Flash Videos on Windows Phone 8 with Apps

Softonic review With Nokia Software Recovery Tool, you can solve almost any problem with your malfunctioning Nokia device, resetting it to factory default settings and installing the latest version of the firmware. Download Nokia Software Recovery Tool 6.

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Free Download for Windows. User reviews about Nokia Software Recovery Tool. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. Just google it and you will see how many customers and developers actually hate that flash is being banned just like that and not even being replaced by something that is ready and fully supported by all browsers and devices. So it really seems really stupid that flash has been banned so soon. Worth thinking on. Flash is unsecure, regularly vulnerabilities are found which is why you have to update it so regularly on Windows.

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It is also bloated. Think about HTML5 browsers, and the ease with which they playback video.

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I dont understand you mr Cawley, Fire can burn an be unsecure, but still caveman took the chance and we are here Where would we be if he did not make fire again? Flash is maybe all that you say but when you take out possibility for choose app you will loose clients Simple as that so Worth thinking on? Vlada, your post seems to overlook the fact that Flash just isn't secure enough. I don't see why the surface tablets support flash and phones don't When I want to stream live tv abroad, which is a huge problem for me, I have to switch to my surface Most live streaming sites use flash I think its to prevent ppl from streaming tv, I mean who the hell cares about flash games, when you can stream HBO and other premium content..

I have window phone Lumia but I am facing many problem, first of all flash player is not working secondly many applications are not available in store. In the range of same price you can Samsung phone and enjoy I always keep reading how flash player is "dead", yet, like a zombie, I still see it running around on websites alll over the web. I think the real zombies are Microsoft for not creating a way for windows mobile phones to access flash content.

Transfer photos from Nokia Lumia 920 to PC or Mac

I will not purchase a windows phone again in the future. I hate my windows 8 phone, for the cost of the phone you should be able to watch or play anything you want to on it. No flash player really stinks! Weave links to articles that have flash based video, quite pointless if the mobile format doesn't support it. I would be happy with html5 if everyone actually used it for web based streamed content.

Fotos und Videos übertragen von Nokia Lumia Handys zum Mac

Unfortunately, most of them still use flash, many without either an equivalent app or the content you can get with an app being reduced compared to a flash enabled web browser on a regular PC. When is this situation going to change? If flash is dead, why is it still undead everywhere?

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Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. I hate the windows phone will never buy it again no flash player sucks.