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Just ask your spouse. Hard to beat that. The lower price is also an advantage. Shane Williams http: Otherwise, you pretty much have to either get the Mac mini or the HomeDock Deluxe to be used by your video iPod. The Mac Mini is a full-purpose computer. You could play games on it, watch YouTube videos on it, etc.

Plus, you could add elgato to make it a DVR.

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Mac Mini will also allow you to surf the Internet on your big screen TV from your sofa. Just add an RF wireless keyboard.

Potentially, it could also act as a DVR. The author also makes no mention of the CPU difference. A 1 Ghz Pentium M vs the Core Duo, imho that more than makes up for the dollar difference, and then some.

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Not to mention USB ports and peripheral support. Black bars on top and bottom, edges cut off or no display? I know the Mac mini works fine with a 4: I stream content photos, music, video to other laptops and desktops in the house from this setup and it works fine. I can also sit on the couch and actually use the computer to play games, check mail, or surf the web with my bt keyboard and mouse.

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To me there is now comparison between the two. The mac mini rules the media room hands down.

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Teddy, creating a reference movie for every movie in my collection is hardly a good solution! If it did I might be interested. As it stands a mac mini is a far better solution, and what the OP fails to mention is that AppleTV needs a mac in the first place to get content from.

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Thats what they are good at. Apple is has always been good at abstracting: They are going after the basic couch potato in one sense as well as those who simply couldn care less which branch of bsd they have built it on. With Apple TV , you are restricted to iTunes media. You cannot use Apple TV to surf the internet, use apps, or anything else. So, if you have a Mac computer, just launch the front row application and check it out. You will notice that it only has music, movies, and photos. What you see on your screen using front row, is all Apple TV can do.

HOW TO – Run AppleTV on a Mac mini

Maybe price will help you decide. But remember, an Apple TV is just a plastic case, hard drive, and wireless card. A Mac Mini is a plastic case, hard drive, dvd burner, processor, RAM, graphics card, wireless card, etc. Consider what you will be using it for.