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You may also want to format cells containing results of calculations to appear bold and underlined to help distinguish them from the rest of your data. Ensure your cells are formatted to properly represent your data, including number and text attributes. Naming the different data ranges within your spreadsheet makes it easier to navigate through the document and find specific information. By associating a meaningful name to a data range, you will be enhancing the readability of your document.

These named ranges can be referenced in multiple locations of your document and within calculations and equations. Charts can be used to make data more understandable for some audiences. However, it is important to ensure that your chart is as accessible as possible to all members of your audience.

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All basic accessibility considerations that are applied to the rest of your document must also be applied to your charts and the elements within your charts. For example, use shape and color, rather than color alone, to convey information. As well, some further steps should be taken to ensure that the contents are your chart are appropriate labeled to give users reference points that will help them to correctly interpret the information.

As such, it is not a structural feature in the same way that tables are in Word While cell formatting is the most common method of structuring documents, other content structuring features should be used where appropriate:. In case the document is ever converted into HTML, it should be given a descriptive and meaningful title. Avoid "floating" elements other than charts such as floating images, objects, tables or text boxes. Similarly, avoid placing drawing objects directly into the document e.

Instead, create borders with page layout tools and insert complete graphical objects. Office applications do typically include accessibility features such as the ability to magnify documents and support for high contrast modes. However, because printing is an important aspect of many workflows and changing font sizes directly will change documents details such the pagination, the layout of tables, etc. The visual presentation of text and images of text should have a contrast ration of at least 4.

To help you determine the contrast, here are some examples on a white background:. Also, always use a single solid color for a text background rather than a pattern. In order to determine whether the colors in your document have sufficient contrast, you can consult an online contrast checker, such as:. Color should not be used as the only visual means of conveying information, indicating an action, prompting a response, or distinguishing a visual element. In order to spot where color might be the only visual means of conveying information, you can create a screenshot of the document and then view it with online gray-scale converting tools, such as:.

The instructions provided for understanding and operating content should not rely solely on sensory characteristics such as the color or shape of content elements. Here are two examples:. Before you use an image to control the presentation of text e.

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If this is not possible, as with logos containing stylized text, make sure to provide alternative text for the image following the techniques noted above. By taking the time to design your content in a consistent way, it will be easier to access, navigate and interpret for all users:. Provide a general description of the spreadsheet contents and instructions on how to navigate the data effectively.

The best way to do this is to make a cell at the beginning of the data e.


It will be the first cell accessed by assistive technologies. If you are using this cell for a label or data, you can attach a comment note to the cell containing navigational instructions. At this time, Excel for Mac does not offer a mechanism to check for potential accessibility errors in your document prior to publishing.

January 27th, ] In order to get some indication of the accessibility of your document or template see Technique 1 , then you may consider saving the file into HTML in order to perform an accessibility check in one of those formats, as described below. Another option is to save the document into HTML format and use one of the web accessibility checkers available online. Such as:. Select the block of cells by dragging across them before you start entering data.

Use the Tab key to move across a row or the Return key to move down a column; when you reach the edge of the block, press that key again to jump to the beginning of the next row or column. You can also use Shift-Tab and Shift-Return to move backward and jump to the previous row or column when you reach the edge of the selection. Ever have a string of text spill out of one cell into the next? The solution is simple: You can immediately add clarity or visual interest to a spreadsheet using colored text or cells.

However, you can change its choices to ones that are more useable. You can replace Excel's default color palette left with custom colors, including those from a Document Theme right. To use theme colors, open the Formatting Palette and expand the Document Theme panel. Find a theme with colors you like, and leave them showing in the panel.

Click on OK in the Colors palette to put the new hue in the Standard palette. To import a custom palette from one document into another, open both the source and target documents.

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In the Copy Colors From menu, select the name of the document containing the palette you want to copy. The AutoFormat feature for tables lets you add shaded lines, but if you delete a row or sort your table, you end up with a patchwork of shaded and plain cells. This method uses the MOD function, which calculates whether a cell is in an even- or odd-numbered row and shades only the even rows. With this method, you can add or delete rows, and copy and paste cells, with impunity.

On the Home tab, under Number , click Currency. Remaining characters in the name can be letters, numbers, periods, and underscore characters. In some languages, Excel may replace certain characters with underscores. Spaces are not allowed.

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A name can contain up to characters. If a name that is defined for a range contains more than characters, you cannot select it from the Name box, but you can still use it in formulas. Names can contain uppercase and lowercase letters, but Excel does not differentiate between them. For example, if you have named one cell "Sales" and then name another cell "SALES" in the same workbook, the second name will replace the first name.

Calculation operators and order of operations. The name "MyRegions" is assigned to the cells C2 through C5.