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The reason is that in OS X Lion there have been some reports that manual configuration causes issues though this may only be with early versions after the OS was first released. Drag the networks into the desired order, for example you may as well move the network that you want to connect to right to the top of the list to make sure your Mac looks for that one first. This establishes a new WiFi connection with the default settings. Just go through the various tabs to make sure WiFi is configured correctly items such as the password and try connecting to your wireless hotspot again.

If prompted, re-enter any details that may have been lost when deleting the service. To get to your router, open a new tab in Safari and enter the following address in the address bar:. Make sure that you take a look at the security settings such as the wireless key and inspect the logs to see if there are any clues about potential issues. For example, if there are dozens of WiFi hotspots in the area where you live, you might be subject to wireless interference issues if someone else has configured their router to use the same wireless channel — try changing it from the default channel to something different.

You can also change the security settings for example to use WPA or WPA2 or remove them completely, to see if that makes a difference. If you can successfully connect another computer, iPhone or tablet for example, then it points to an issue with your Mac rather than the network kit or Internet connection. Also, you should of course try connecting your Mac to another wireless network to see whether the problem persists. Follow the procedure below:. Locate the Command, Option, P and R keys. Press and hold down the Command , Option , P and R keys before the grey screen appears.

Hold down the keys until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the second time. The PRAM should now be reset to the default values. Try connecting to the Internet by WiFi again when your computer has fully rebooted. Another approach is to reset the main SMC chip System Management Controller , which may resolve issues related to fans, lights, video and power. You can try deleting some of the Internet preference.

Sometimes, corrupted preference files can be responsible for things not working correctly. Follow these steps:. Copy the files somewhere e. Any similar files named com. Most problems with your Mac should be fixable by the technicians there, but there are of course lots of resources on the Internet that you can also use.

I've been passionate about Apple ever since I bought my first iPod followed by a white polycarbonate MacBook in Roland's Google Profile. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks a lot for this post! I updated my mac a few days ago and have been having wifi problems since. Dude,you saved my life tonight.. I discovered this problem at a hotel in Taiwan which used 5 of the buggy routers. I helped the hotel fix the problems that their guests had been having this way. I do not want to buy a new router just because Apple made a mistake!!

I have iPad, 2x iPhone and another MacBook with Thank you Internet. Though, I do think it was as simple as removing duplicate keys in my case. I waited until about 10 days ago to install Mountain Lion on my iMac, hoping whatever settling in would happen before I upgraded from Lion.

The intermittent aspect is maddening, and the connection problems are getting worse. I spent an hour on the phone yesterday with Apple. The tech tried leading me through a series of resets. After consulting with someone else, her advice to me was to contact Comcast, my internet and cable supplier, and have them try a couple of things:. We have a D-Link connection, which worked fine until recently.

Any additional tips or things to be aware of to get the internet to play nice again with this houseful of toys is appreciated. If the router has the ability to select its own channel, just reboot it to get it to hopefully select a quiet channel. Alternatively, get a wifi scanner app for your smartphone and find a quiet channel and set your router up to use it. Had the same problems. Curiously, this was solved after I updated to Adobe Flash Player version I just bought a brand-spanking Air today, connected it to my wifi worked fine and then straight away upgraded to mountain lion.

Instantly I had Wi-Fi problems. I changed my AP name to D-Link2, which forced me to re-enter a password, and boom — it works a charm. Anyone want to try this? This might be a correct assumption or one of those things open to interpretation in the vague WiFi specs that two different APs on the same network using the same SSID should be set up with the same WPA key. Unix solution worked for me: Restart Computer.

Great job Apple. This is driving me crazy and seriously shaking my loyalty and confidence in Apple. Look at this string. So damn frustrating! My Macbook Pro is now not much more than an expensive paperweight. I agree with Dane, this is pathetic for the most valuable company in the world. Hold the damn iphone 5 launch and use the resources to fix this!!!!! I had issues in Mountain Lion, using a wireless network that I had originally set up in Lion.

So I changed the Access Point name to something different, so the Mac considered it a new network. That seems to work a treat.

How To Fix WiFi Connection Problems in Mac OS X Lion -

I continually lose my internet connection and have to go into preferences, put in the WEP password, jump through hoops and pray. Effin Apple!!! I can email, google, and do my website.. Bought a macbook pro about 8 months ago…the last 2 weeks i have been experiencing the loss to wireless internet. None of this works on Lion. All my machines including Mac Apple are so sloppy these days. None of this rigmarole is working, and, quite frankly, who has time for it? I paid for this crap, too. Thanks, Apple, you bunch of slags. With your fix 1, I have restarted 3 times and wifi seems to be working.

Went to genius bar twice before finding your solution and they did a clean install of OSX Thanks so much for posting your fix! Spoke too soon. Glad to know it is not just me and hopefully Apple is working on this situation. We had exactly the same problems as listed above. Tried the fixes as listed above to no avail. When the Mac wakes up the network must be selected. This has been frustrating me for a few weeks. I followed both tips — creating a new location and lowering the MTU. It seems to have done the trick.

Thanks very much. Like some others, I guess I spoke too soon. The connectivity is definitely improved — but far from fixed. My Macbook has no difficulty connecting — but my brand new MBRr still stalls, drops, and often fails to reconnect. Hopefully, Apple is paying attention and addresses this soon. I have WiFi disconnecting problem after every few minutes.

It seems like Apple is focussing more on money rather than Quality. I already have canceled my iphone 5 order because of this. If I may say, what a stupid thing to do. Nothing helped!

Now, with the update to I was unable to connect to the internet cannot obtain ip address with my new Aug MBP on our office wireless since upgrading from Lion to Mountain Lion. After enabling the aes cipher… I could immediately connect again. Guys, after updating to However I may identified the problem, but do not know how to solve it.

Our wireless connection did also not work on Mac OSX Lion even though the network availability was excellent. This fixed the problem for our Mac and the Wifi connection is working without any problems.. Good Luck! I tried all suggested solutions, did a fresh install too, but nothing worked. Now it works, after I put the WiFi channel from 6 to automatic. Had this issue since day one of getting the mac which was about a month ago. Result — still had problems with not connecting to wi-fi, especially after sleep, but sometimes, in the middle of doing something — at least times daily.

Second reinstall, restore only user account and applications -nothing else. Most preferences and such are stored in user account. I did have to reinstall MS Office — delete old, reinstall fresh. I switched off bluetooth and wifi is working good again. I went to an Apple Store, I told them my problem and they said that they have never heard of it and that I had to backup everything and take my MacBook Pro mid to them so that they could fix it. Very weird. I get some drops if I start pings from Terminal but wireless stays up. Interestingly the Freememory app shows over 4Gb allocated with mail, iTunes and Firefox running so maybe the problem was to do with paging.

Hope this helps…. My wifi problem began when I downloaded itunes 7 in order to set up my new iphone. I had been running Once I had the phone running I noticed that my connection through the app store and itunes was getting slower and slower. Then I noticed my browsers were slow as well. After the standard restarts and resets I updated to No change. Updated to mountain lion. I have no idea which combination resulted in it working again, but just wanted to say thanks to all who posted their suggestions. I had issues with both wired and wireless networking stopping altogether a short while after upgrading to ML.

I have no problems with internet connectivity anywhere home, cafes except at work a university. At work, connecting both via ethernet or wifi, there are certain websites I cannot reach: Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, among others. However, I have no problem with most sites, including other Google services like Calendar, Gmail, etc.

This is driving me nuts! Other computers in the office: Only my MBP Retina. I have tried several of the fixes in the above posts, but nothing. Lion, I hope somone can help me please, I have looked through forums and found nothing so far: Should have left it alone but then after M. Lion came out, downloaded it. Watching the highlighter crawl slowly in the IP address bar just to open a website is really too much for the money spent. The person at the Mac store said I should have downloaded the new Flashplayer drive.

True, he did, checked the system, etc. The super fast router modem from Comcast, so I do not know what it is. I am not a super techi so simple instructions would be really appreciated, if anyone can help me. This might work good so far: Also, NB: The only thing that did end up working was to hack the kernel extension by replacing it with the Snow Leopard version. The easiest way to do this I found was a packaged app that can be found here: You download, double click on the app, and it runs the script for you in the terminal window to swap our your Lion wifi driver with the Snow Leopard version.

I fixed this problem by logging into my router and changing my My internet never drops now and my connection seems much faster.

  • Fix #2: Change MTU Size to Prevent Dropped Connections.
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My internet connection was dropping every five minutes after upgrading to Mountain Lion I fixed the problem by manually changing the dns setting to a global dns of my provider on the Network Preferences, advanced tab. It was previously pointing to my dsl router which works for normal internet and mail but not to the app store… strange. What i did was… i went to router configuration setting and changed some settings under wifi setting. But make sure there are no numbers in in your network password. This was the second time it happened to me! My internet was slow, dropping, just terrible!

I did some fix stuff, and it worked for a while. Now I moved to a new house with different provider…and problem returned! I just did most of the fixes suggested above, and connection seems to be holding. I own a MBA, just a month old. Updated to ML Nothing worked. At last, bought a brand new router, N, and my wifi is working perfectly. My old router was G. Maybe this is all a big deal between Apple and Cisco. I upgraded to Mountain Lion a few months ago, Wi-Fi was working fine then until the last few weeks as the connection kept dropping out and shorter and shorter spurts of connection to now where it wont connect at all.

I suspect the latest upgrade to mountain lion has screwed with the settings. If the router wont play with the iMac do people recommend the Airport Express as a new router? Might be easier to control a device that I can access through my OS devices. My wifi problem on Mountain Lion is different. Repairing Disk Permissions always fixes the problem. What could be wrong? I have the same with a mid Running network diagnostic fixes it for a few minutes but it eventually fails at the ISP again. Neither of these have completely fixed the issue.

Fix OS X Mountain Lion Wireless Connection Problems

I know this sounds like it is because of the location but everything worked fine until mountain lion. Only the OS has changed. None of the solutions worked for me. The solution which works for me is: This is not a fine solution but it does stop Wi-Fi from going to sleep. Hi all, first of all, than you for you help.

This is not a fix not even a workaround the point is I was able to get my mac to connect to my home wifi only by changing some parameters on the router the band it uses. I bought this Mac one week ago.. I will do all I can to take this to Apple, because as I understand this is a well know issue, they should just not sell the damn thing.

Wifi connectivity is not a fancy capability.. Not great. What a pain. I changed the radio channel in the wireless option via airport utility to automatic. Hope it works. Sounded like a good solution to try. Very aggravating issue since the ML upgrade. Our older mac mini and powerbook are fine after the upgrade. Spoke with a very helpful technician and we reset the router using a paper clip on the reverse side to where lights are located.

He then set up the primary wireless network, that our main Windows PC, Ipad Mini, all phones are able to connect to with no problem. He then set up a separate guest network which my MacBook Air is now connected to. Internet performance is back to normal and so far running smoothly and quickly as expected. I will be testing over the next few days of course, praying this is the fix! Apple need to take note of this and get it sorted ASAP as there are clearly many unhappy customers out there experiencing this issue. Anyway, rant over, if you are with Virgin, try setting up a guest network and connecting your MBA to that.

If you are not so technically minded, dial from your handset and a technician should be able to help you! I tried all the tips imaginable. The only solution was to set the channel on the wireless router on channel It seems to me, the Mountain Lion has a problem when the channel the router is in automatic, then every time the channel is changed, the connection of the wifi card of Macbook drops.

I hope that helps. I had the same problems, brand new machine with Mountain Lion and the Wifi continuously dropping out. I renewed DHCP lease a million times, but t got progressively worse. Thanks very much! Thank you very much! I was having trouble with my MacBook Pro , running mountain lion where the connectoin would drop every 2 minutes. This solution seems to have the issue fixed. I tried all the easy stuff above — no help.

What did work was unchecking Ask to Join New Networks. This suggestion, nice it is to have, unfortunately does not fix the real problem. The real problem is a bug in Apples OS. I suggest that anyone who has this problem, visit the Apple Store. The genius will and CAN fix it in matter of minutes. I just got a brand new Retina yesterdy and I am so disspaointed!!! Wifi porblems — as everyone! Apple fix this godammit!!! My problem is quite different, clean install of Mountain Lion Both of them are still connected without any issue like you guys.

The problem is about sleep. When the iMac is asleep for 4 hours or so it disconnect from the network Time Capsule , while the MacBook Pro is still connected even after 24 hours of sleep. The problem occurred on iMac since Here is what worked for me. Called Apple Support. My iMac was not connecting to my wireless network, or would sporadically. The kind agent told me that if I were to change the security settings in my router to WPA2 that more than likely would solve my problem.

Prior to this I was simply using WEP encryption. I thought he was nuts, but did as he suggested. Its working absolutely flawlessly now. For those still using WEP, change your security settings and see if this works. I am happy again and not ready to use my Mac for scrap. Sometimes I could ping but not hit a site in a browser. It would typically last a couple of minutes and then resolve itself, but certain things like using Skype video or Google Hangout screenshare would always disconnect me.

I finally read a suggestion that it might be my cable modem— I recently upgraded to a higher speed package and was still using my 8 year old modem. I replaced the modem, and that did it. If you have high speed service and are using an older modem, you may want to give it a shot. Unzip, then unzip the Kext Utility, then drop the kext on the Utility app. Supply your password, reboot and then hopefully all is well with your Wi-Fi connection.

No more dropped wifi!!!! Nothing is installed in this process, you simply create a new network location and change the packet transmission size. All stuff that is standard on your Mac! If anyone is still having trouble I fixed the problem with my wifi. I disabled Wireless N in the router settings. Speed went back up to full 22 Mbps from only. I tried the Unix terminal thing above, and I still am getting dropped on the internet, and stalled web page loads.

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However, my connection speed sped up 3 times as fast! Thanks, the tips 1 and 2 seemed to help my Macbook to connect normally instead of dropping connections every 30 seconds. I was curious as my housemate using a 5-year old laptop running Windows XP has no problems with Wifi. After Months and Months of waiting for Apple to role out with an update and not doing so, I became very frustrated.

But, I have finally found the Solution! The wifi problem is a defect in the software, and for those of us who own an iPhone, we know all about restoring the software. Essentially, you must do the same thing to your mac re-install the OS. This will delete the defective software, and reinstall a fresh, new software.

You will not lose anything on your mac during the process. No website will load, no data can come or go. I will do the second tip if this one drops. Thanks a million man! I took it into the Apple store where they replaced the parts and reset the entire computer. The pattern seems to be only when I restart or reboot after I have turned it on from a long shut down. So after a long shut down of 12 hours of more the WIFI works great but because I have had this issue in the past I will check it by restarting the computer and it will not work, I will shut it off and turn it on and it will not work.

Thank you for fix 2. I have been pulling my hair out for months on why all the macs in my house were dropping from the Cisco DPC router from Shaw. Your advice fixed the issue, priceless. Thank you Unix! Worked like a charm! Been stuck on self assigned ip for 3 days it felt like Only MacMini has problems and it has this problem since upgrading to Every time I start the assistand or the diagnosis and it asks for the passphrase of the network it says: If the WiFi problems are still appearing after you restarted your Mac, try to remove login items and restart again.

Login items is an application that will be opened automatically after login. To avoid that, make sure you update the OS X to the latest one. We suggest you to back-up your data first, before upgrading it. After that, you can try to reconnect again by entering the WiFi password. If you are often changing the WiFi network and make a special location, ensure to reset it to the automatic settings. It will allow your Mac connect to the new WiFi network. The DNS Server address has to be filled with the correct address, at least the one that you find on the router.

To ensure you fill the correct DNS Server address:. On the left column, choose WiFi.