How to take off in flight simulator google earth on mac

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Tutorial: How to land a plane in Google Earth Flight Simulator | The Thought Box

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For novice users, it may take some time to learn the operation I crashed my flight several times. After sometime, when the aircraft accelerates, use down arrow key to take off your flight.

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After attaining certain height release the button. Now you can turn your plane to left and right by using the corresponding arrow keys. Note that the keys are very sensitive, it means make use of keys slowly otherwise your plane will crash.

Using the Google Earth Flight Simulator

After attaining a decent level of flying the aircraft you can use various keyboard controls. Once you've accelerated to a sufficient velocity use the arrow keys to take-off.

Guiding Tech

The keys are in reverse as one would expect with any flight simulator, so use the down arrow to take-off. When you've gained enough altitude then stabalise the aircraft to a straight flight path.

Fly like a pilot from the comfort of your own home using Google Earth’s flight simulator

It can be rather tricky to get the hang of as the controls are quite sensitive. Marco Gallotta, who discovered the Easter egg, has some tricks in his post: Games multimedia.

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