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Websites load slow on mac

Safari is not the fastest of browsers to begin with, and it can get downright sluggish as time goes by. The fixes below are done manually, but to streamline the process get a utility like CleanMyMac X. So, try getting rid of the dead weight and see if Safari is still slow afterwards. Not only will it clean up Safari history and cache, but it will also clear app caches and other junk to lighten the load on your whole Mac.

This is how you clean up cache with it:. Try opening a few web pages to see whether Safari is still running slow. As you tweak the browser to your taste, like assign the homepage and search engine or pick where the downloads are saved, all the info about your preferred browser behavior is stored in a preferences file. When that file becomes corrupted, the browser can start acting funny.

When you get rid of the corrupted file, the browser will simply generate a new one.

10 Ways to Speed Up Slow Internet Connection on Mac

If the file is corrupted, it will be in this tab. Just hit Clean and delete it along with all the other junk. Extensions let you do a ton of convenient extras in a browser, like store passwords or translate words with a click. Here you can disable any or all uses for Autofill for example, never use it for credit card info.

Troubleshooting Safari—Slow Page Loads

Some users notice this and choose to clear the cache frequently. Thus, first of all, you should find out what makes your browser speed slow and what causes it sometimes to quit unexpectedly. Pay attention to the following points to know how to speed up a browser Chrome, Safari, or Firefox on a Mac: When a user installs programs on a computer, various browser extensions are installed, too. In this case, they may not be needed, and the inexperienced user may not even notice that something else is being installed.

As soon as a user collects several such panels on his computer, the first launch of the browser may take a minute or so. Well, this annoys us a lot. Thus, if you have too many browser extensions, you should analyze them and remove unused ones. Read our previous article to learn how to remove browser extensions. By default, when you install a browser, many plugins that are not needed are installed and activated as well. Also, some programs installed on your Mac automatically add their plugins. You can check which plugins make your browser slow.

For this, create a new folder in Finder and move all the third-party plugins into it. If everything is working well, then we were right. In this way, you can find the problematic plugin.

How to Fix Slow Google Chrome - Taking Too Long to Load

Most modern websites use Java components. If you have not updated Java on your Mac for a long time, this can cause your browser to work poorly. To update Java to the latest version follow these steps: Perhaps after that, your browser will maintain a more optimal speed. If you use Safari, you can try to remove Flash Player.

Despite this, millions of users install Flash Player because many Internet resources still use it for media content. We recommend that you delete or disable this plugin. It not only causes Safari to work poorly, but also puts your Mac at risk of being hacked. Despite the fact that the browser cache is designed to speed up its performance, in rare cases, when the size of the database is too large, it can cause a slower loading time. In this case, you should try to clear the cache of your browser.

Neglecting to update the browser routinely is another possible reason for slow performance. If it is needed, click to update your browser. Another reason why the Internet is slow is using an antivirus and firewall on your Mac. Yes, antivirus programs are designed to protect your computer.

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Antivirus programs check the information on each website, and as a result, affect the connection speed. Of course, not all antivirus programs slow down your browser, but there are some which do so. So try to turn the antivirus programs off and check to see if it helped to speed up Firefox , Chrome, Safari or any other browser you use. If it is the real reason, then you should u ninstall your antivirus program or decide whether the security or page loading speed is more important to you.

Safari running slow on Mac - How to speed it up

If nothing from the previous points has helped you, then try to uninstall your browser completely and install it again. Here is a list of guides which will help you to uninstall apps correctly: Also, you should pay attention to other reasons why you may experience a slow Safari or another browser: Now, we would like to take a deeper look at each browser and share tips on how to make them work faster. Safari is a default web browser for Apple operating systems. The application is popular for its high speed, but sometimes does not want to work properly and fast.

It may hang, brake and show the irritating spinning rainbow wheel. Unfortunately, there are no problem-free browsers yet. Apple is trying to improve Safari and add new features with every app update. Innovations can sometimes be detrimental to the performance of old and weak Mac computers. Anyway, if Safari is not working properly, you should try the following solutions: Google Chrome is another popular browser among millions of Mac users. This is a fast browser, which uses modern Internet technology and is famous for being user-friendly. But there is nothing ideal in the world, and Chrome is not an exception.

No matter how fast the Chrome browser was at first, one day you may notice that it starts to work slowly. Here are some more short tips on how to make Google Chrome faster: If you noticed that your Mozilla Firefox browser, which previously did not cause any complaints, suddenly began to perform slowly, or worse, if Firefox is not responding at all, then read on to find the solution. The reasons why Firefox is slow on Mac are mostly the same as we described above: We have shared the top reasons why your Mac browser can become slow and how to speed it up.

Method 1 – Cache, History, Extensions

We hope that at least one of all the solutions mentioned above will help you to make your browser work more effectively. If you still have any questions, then leave a comment below. We will be happy to assist you. You are here: Why is my Mac browser so slow? How do I solve the issue when Safari is running slow on Mac? How do I speed up Chrome? Why is Firefox so slow and what can be done? Plugins By default, when you install a browser, many plugins that are not needed are installed and activated as well. Java Most modern websites use Java components.

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