Transfer files from pc to mac via bluetooth

So kindly untwist your boxers and enjoy the ride.

People who create viruses dont need to focus on the small group of socialite morons who use mac. If your primary complaint was the price-point of the Mac or the fact that they are still orienting themselves to the Enterprise, I would consider your criticism. Works fabulously and with no freezing. You can even sync music with it.

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Thanks again your steps are very clear! I have been trying to use PocketMac to sync my address book to my Blackberry and it works the first time, but then when I try to sync it again, it freezes…any suggestions??? Really easy to do with a PC.

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All I had to do was load the software and plug my phone in. Plug your phone in? That would be using a cable. Try sending files with a PC to a flash drive or, here is a big one, try not catching viruses without an Anti-virus software program on your computer. We long-press on an image to select and thus enter select mode.

How-To: Transfer Files Between Your Blackberry & OS X Via Bluetooth

Thereafter we can tap on the images we want to send and then press the share symbol in the upper-left corner. Now choose which Bluetooth device you want to transfer the images to, which, in this case is pretty easy as it is the only one available. Back on your Mac you should see a progress indicator. Everything sent to our Mac will end up on our Desktop for easy access, though remember, you can easily designate where incoming files go in the Bluetooth sharing settings. For example, a ten megabyte file will probably take a little over a minute and so on.

Share Files from Mac OS X to Windows PC’s Easily

Comparatively, a file that size transferred even via USB 2. Do you ever use Bluetooth to transfer files between Mac and Android devices? Lend us your comments and questions in our discussion forum. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.

Set up Bluetooth Sharing

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