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I have enjoyed playing this game much longer than I expected to. It's one that I go back to fairly regularly. I definitely got my money's worth. Mac Game Store. You are currently browsing with Javascript disabled. Many features of the store will not be available to you. Would you like to view prices in estimated RUB? Hordes of Orcs. Add to Wishlist X. To kill the Orcs, buy some Towers. Arrow Towers are cheap and weak, Radiation towers are expensive and deadly. You can earn this about mid-way through the game and is an important factor for many of the challenges.

Also, the mage tower is slightly more expensive than the archer tower, so be sure to save up for it. Dwarven Bombard — these towers are your crowd control towers; slow, powerful and has a decent area-of-effect damage, they are best used in the late game early on, you can rely on archer, mage and barracks. Late in the game, when the better types of dwarven cannon upgrades become available such as the Big Bertha , then it may be a good time to start investing in the cannon type towers.

At level one, these cannons are hardly any use, so be sure to upgrade it as soon as you can —the earliest they become reliable is at level 3. Employing these towers is best in the later stages where gold is a lot easier to earn since they are the most expensive of the bunch. Each stage will undoubtedly throw a rampaging horde of enemies at you and your soldiers. Your enemies will will emerge from several points on the map and make a move towards several of your barracks. Turn your brain on and do this every time — place barracks near high-traffic points, then place any other attack barracks nearby.

The final stage of the game, naturally this is also one of the toughest. We recommend setting up mage and archer tower defenses along the right path, the center path and lower left just in front of the grave yard and upgrade as much as possible. This will be enough to hold off the initial waves. As you earn more gold, focus on adding mage towers on the left and right sides of the dark tower and for providing upgrades on the lower towers.

Add new defenses on the lower part of the screen after about 4 waves to prepare for the next waves of enemies and the ones that spawn from the pentagrams. As you progress through the stage, the boss will cast stasis spells on your towers. To cancel the effects, rapidly click on the affected towers to keep them running. Lastly, be wary of the necromancers three will spawn from each side. In their long walk to the exit, they will summon and amass quite a number of skeletons.

To bring them down, kill the ones from the right with a fully upgraded meteor. The one on the left can be stalled by reinforcements —and hopefully, they will get targeted by a mage tower or caught in ranger tangles.