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I also used to have a problem with editing as I wrote rather than at the end of my work, and dictation was one of the things that helped with that. Talking is far more fluid than writing, letting you flow from one sentence to the next without necessarily worrying about the sentence structure, spelling or punctuation. How very helpful of you to produce such a comprehensive review and great advice.

It was more trouble that it was worth. The percentage accuracy you report is very good for something that is free! Wishing you well, Phil. Thanks for the warning! Great write up! Lilyspeech has stopped their operations, to be removed. It was a difficult decision, but ultimately what needs to happen.

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This little piece of software was something of an experiment for us and while somewhat successful, our focus needs to be placed elsewhere at this time. Thanks for catching that! Great Article! I am an extensive user of dragon Naturally Speaking but I am looking for an alternative because I am planning to leave Windows platform. I was wondering if it is possible to make Google Docs voice type functionality working without an internet connection as it seems to be possible for Macintosh for instance… Due to my work sometimes I have confidential matters in my papers and writings and I wish not to show them with Google or anyone else… If you see my point….

Do you know if it is possible to translate happy command from English into Italian with a sort of developer option in Google Docs? Thank you for a thoughtful, well written piece. It is so refreshing to find something of value on the interwebs instead of the usual click-bait nonsense. I have been using native iOS dictation for many years and it is actually quite good, all things considered i.

Thanks again. I really enjoyed your article Ben. I have been using Windows speech recognition and Dragon Premium for the last two years for all of my writing as unfortunately my hands developed repetitive stress injuries.

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I Windows speech recognition the best tool for using Windows commands in Windows applications and searching for files on my computer or in the cloud, while Dragon is far superior for dictation. Dragon for Mac Is now useless as the result of Mohave. Does anybody have any input? I personally have found that the dictation software which is available with in the Apple Pages and the other Apple software is of very high standard, previously on PC I did use Dragon however on the Mac have found the built-in software of a very high standard.

This is actually has been done using the software. How did that go for you?

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Thank you Ben. Great article. I have severe osteoarthritis in both hands and generally have one or both hands in a rigid custom splint, so that as well as constant pain makes typing an issue. I have a Mac at home and find the built-in dictation adequate, but not brilliant. I recently started using Dragon Professional on my Windows machine at work and the difference is remarkable — I find it far superior to the Mac dictation.

I was really disappointed to see that Dragon is no longer available for Mac. It seems there really is no other alternative. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. We're hiring. The Complete Guide to Dictation Software: Blogging , Personal , Productivity , Writing. You might think that sounds silly, and so did I. Then my hands seized up. Repetitive strain injury. During all this time I still had to work, and so I had to find a way to write without typing. Disadvantages of dictation Now for the disadvantages.

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The following is a test of vocabulary: Desktop dictation software Apple Dictation Price: Free Platform: Mac, iOS Accuracy: Click here Languages: Great starting dictation software for Mac and iOS Website: Braina Price: PC, Android Accuracy: Unknown although reviews are decent Commands: Could be interesting if you want to try a basic AI helper, but the price is a little steep to just try it out Website: Click here Braina is a bit of a wildcard in that I have absolutely no experience with it. Browser Google Chrome only Accuracy: Not bad for free browser-based text dictation, but its competition is generally more useful Website: Click here Dictation.

Dragon Price: Click here for basic commands, or click here for creating custom commands Languages: The most reliable and versatile solution out there — a must-have for anyone planning to dictate a lot Website: Click here Although it has a price point which will turn many casual users off, Dragon is almost the industry standard for professional dictation software.

Tell the world! Thanks for subscribing to the Process Street Blog! Failed to subscribe. Please, try again later. Think this sentence has it backwards: Typing instead of talking can and will help you prevent lasting damage to your hands. Thanks Jim! Thanks as always Bailey!

Hey Andrew, Great question! Hi Andrew, I used Dragon on Windows for over 10 years and it is an extremely good product with extensive abilities with custom commands. Hey there, Thanks for pointing this out! Thanks again, Ben. Thanks for the tip Phil! Hey Mike, I never thought of that issue.

All the best, Ben. LilySpeech is no longer available. Again, all the best to you and your daughter. Thanks for the kind words Maverik! Interesting use case Ivana! Dictation is great for all of those things. Thanks, Ben. Hi Ben, How very helpful of you to produce such a comprehensive review and great advice.

Hey there Phil, Thanks for the warning! Thanks George! Always fantastic to hear that someone liked my work. Angelo p. Hey Angelo, Thanks for taking the time to write in! Thanks again, and all the best, Ben. Your post topic is very informative and useful for all readers.

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If the user is just rambling off content, would the software capture the language? If you just speak the content you will get essentially one enormously long sentence with no punctuation or new paragraphs in it but othewise it seems to work fine — just more editing, as you said. Can I train both software to recognise my speech?

Im a radiology resident and I would like them to recognise medical terms.

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I am willing to train them from the start if needed. Yes, both methods will learn to recognise your voice over time. We are looking for a way to transcribe interviews one person and the interviewer. They will be long, over an hour. Would we need to have each interviewee train Dragon Dictate at the beginning of their interview? Is that a long process? Is this the best software for these interviews for Mac OS Maverick? Dragon can only cope with a single user at a time. My very inexpert impression is that Dragon Dictate is working considerably better on Windows than the Mac.

I dictate something to the mac however, it does not type what I said. I then have to go back and type out what I just said. Accuracy is a big problem with dictation. Hi Ricky, Thanks for your article. Does the new software automatically train itself after a spelling correction has been made? Do you know if there is any program Windows to convert Portuguese european voice to text? I have asked Dragon sellers but it seems there is no portuguese version of it… Thank you.

If I upgrade from snow leopard will I lose any functionality that I have now? Snow Leopard is very old in computer terms, if your computer can handle it I strongly recommend you upgrade! Is there a way to do this so the software will recognise the commands within the text? Would I need to copy and paste from the speech recognition interface into the LaTeX interface to have the document executed? I never used speech recognition software before. WWDC is over.

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  • El Capitan has been announced. Is there anything that you can tell us about the built-in voice-recognition functionality that may be new or different then Yosemite? Has this changed in El Capitan? Please let us know. Thanks, I would like to add that there is another option today through Chrome.

    We just published a new free web-app for dictation. The app itself is called Speechnotes, and can be accessed freely on https: Horribly disappointed with Dragon 5 for Mac. Trying to use it in the microsoft applications i. Was very happy with Dragon for the PC environment. Nuance just discontinued the only available comprehensive voice dictation software for Mac, leaving disabled Mac users in the lurch. For over a decade, disabled computer users have relied the only 2 comprehensive voice dictation software programs available-: Nuance abruptly terminated and ended support for Dragon professional for Mac on October 18, , leaving disabled Mac users in the lurch.

    Mac users who upgrade their operating systems risk losing being able to continue to use their voice dictation software, due to software incompatibilities. Nuance warned Dragon for Mac users not to upgrade to more operating systems to Mojave, saying that it was not tested or supported. However, this will not be an option when buying a new Mac, as it will not give the option of an older operating system. For those who do not rely on voice dictation due to a disability, be assured that the voice dictation capabilities that exist on a Mac computer at present are not remotely as comprehensive as a full-fledged voice dictation program.

    It seems important to get visibility about the issue before the public, Apple, potential software developers, and the disability community, in the hope of encouraging addressing the future void for disabled Mac users being able to continue using their Macs. Apple should stop depending on companies like Nuance and Microsoft and a host of others who have interest in Mac users only so long as they are compliant with their wishes with no respect for us as significant users. Over the years, my first Mac was the Plus when it came off the line, I have seen Apple slowly drift away from its original tenets.

    Apple could easily develop great Dictation Software to help not just the ordinary at home user but also the handicapped and the professional. God knows we spend enough on our Macs to get this done for us. Yesterday, I used my computer iMac for the first time to dictate some material. The results were better than I had expected but not really completely satisfactory, so the thought of buying the Dragon version occurred to me.

    I had read about Dragon many years ago, so I presumed, perhaps unreasonably, that it would still be the best dictation software for my iMac. I had my finger on the Amazon purchase trigger, but then I decided t read the reviews. They were terrible. Not one of the Dragon models received even mediocre reviews.

    I was stuck.

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    That may seem overly cautious, but I am not a computer expert, so it is very possible that I might end-up blaming myself for problems caused by the software. Thanks for improving my chances of success. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Home Best Software. Other reasons to use dictation tools include: You can note down things hands free for example when cooking, eating, doing the laundry etc. You think much faster than you can type which means you can get a lot more down on paper in half the time.

    It prevents you forgetting ideas that you meant to type out later. Dictating cuts down on scribbled notes on pieces of paper if you want to go paperless in your office or home.