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As we told before, Zenmap is just the front end human-friendly interface of Nmap, the classic network mapper that is present on almost every Linux distribution. Zenmap has a pretty basic interface, that will allow you to run any scans like the command line version of Nmap, as you see in the following screenshot:. In the same way port scanners are useful tools to gather information about any target open ports, SecurityTrails is the perfect tool to integrate with your port scanner results, as it can reveal DNS server information, DNS records data associated with IPs and Domain names, technology used on web apps, as well as WHOIS and even DNS history.

Get a free API account today to unveil the full power of our intelligence cyber-security platform. And if you find anything interesting, remember we also have a cool bug bounty program waiting for you! Today, we are super excited to announce the immediate availability of a new integration: SecurityTrails for Phantom.

Nmap: the Network Mapper - Free Security Scanner

Over the last seven months, we've witnessed a large growth in malicious cryptocurrency mining operations. This activity, commonly known as cryptojacking, steals the computational CPU resources of victims' device to mine cryptocurrency.

CyberScan - Port Scanner & IP GEO Location With Kali Linux 2017.3

Today we are going to show you a few more things this fantastic security tool is capable of, and how it can help you gather more information about any network. Follow us on Twitter to receive updates! Follow SecurityTrails. Sign up for our newsletter! Email Subscribe. Port Scan The last tab on the Network Utility window is Port Scan, useful for determining the status of various internet protocol ports on a particular machine. So there you have it! Name required. Email required. Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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After a few searches and needing help with my server, simply stating to use SIRI launched it because if it isnt the most hidden thing on this damn mac…. I think you missed that last step. Once you select that from the menu bar, you get the Network Utility on your screen. Rocket Yard Guide: Network Utility and Info. It can also resolve hostnames, find the MAC address, and scan ports. You can extend the amount of information received about each target with the help of plugins.

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Eusing Software creates miscellaneous free applications for windows users. Among the most popular tools is the Free IP Scanner.

This tool is a lightweight standalone scanner which can check a hundred devices per second. It is only supported by Windows OSs.

How to Use the Port Scanner in Mac OS X Network Utility

The last one can show details such as host-name, workgroup, active logged users, and the MAC address of the device. All the results obtained can be exported into a TXT file. People like Free IP Scanner because it is simple, portable and easy to use. However, it cannot be extended with more functionality.

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NetCat is not strictly an IP Scanner, it goes well beyond that. It is however a tiny Unix networking analyzer utility used by and against hackers for a large number of reasons. It is tiny but powerful.


NetCat is considered as a feature-rich networking tool used especially for debugging and investigation. With NetCat you can create any kind of connection. The most common use for this tool is to set up reverse and bind shells, redirecting network traffic, port scanning and forwarding, debugging scripts, and service banner grabbing.

It is a free and powerful IT management tool that can scan networks and find your assets. With the scanner, you can target a specific IP or range of IPs and get a full inventory of all computers, servers, virtual servers, switches, routers , printers, VoIP phones, etc. The results can be easily exported and created into a report.

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People love LanSweeper because of its ability to automatically deploy scripts and commands to many devices at the same time. It uses an integrated deployment feature to automatically deploy software and execute commands on the devices shown on the inventory.