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Most likely because your corporate exchange server is running Microsoft Exchange Server Snow Leopard now only connects to Exchange See http: I'd been struggling with the same issue for over a year. Finally I installed DavMail Gateway which is free.

AppRiver Exchange 2010 on Mac Mail

It provides support for Exchange using OWA. IMAP Mail setup. Have you tried everything listed in this Apple doc? This affects the Mail app on the computer and not the iPhone because, as another answer here mentions, the iPhone uses ActiveSync, while the Mail app on the computer relies on IMAP if it's not Exchange or newer. Someone needs to log into the server and restart it. One possible fix is here.

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Using IMAP to check email on Exchange is fine if enabled on server but you lose calendar and contacts sync. I've never seen a forward slash work to indicate a domain. Then again, I've never tried. Do you get any error messages? Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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Add a new account. Open the Mail application from either the dock or your Applications folder. The Mail Setup window appears if this is the first time you have opened Mail. If you already use Mail, click File, then Add Account.

Setting Up Mail on Mac OS 10.6–10.11 for Exchange

Select Exchange and click on Continue. Click Continue or Sign In. If the page summarizing your server information is displayed, click Create and skip to step 4. If "searching for mail servers For Account Type, select Exchange.

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El Capitan users may not see these screens. Enter mail. Enter your AD username and password in the respective fields. Leave boxes checked to set up Address Book contacts and iCal calendars to synchronize your contacts and calendars with the Exchange server.

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If you don't want to synchronize these items, deselect by clicking each box. For your environment and budget, which of the three AD integration methods—dual-directory, schema modifications, or a third-party solution like Centrify— will work best? If they insist on using Windows, and are willing to pay to do so, then Centrify is quite usable. Second, deployment: But, again, there is no one uber-product that will do it all.

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John C. Welch will be answering questions there live on the Macworld Live stage Friday, January 28th starting at 2: Come on by and see if he can help. Microsoft Outlook for Mac Sync data using MobileMe or Google. Mac IT Guy: Network overload, OS X Server. Change Apple Watch app grid to list view. Is SMTP actually turned on for your server? If SMTP is turned on for that server, can you use it from outside the firewall? If the IT guy is checking only via an internal WiFi network, he's not checking it in the way you need it to work.

In current versions of Active Directory, this problem has been solved, and schema modifications are now a solid way to integrate Macs into Active Directory environments—with some caveats: